Coffee Head NFT

Finally my first NFT, made from one of my own designs

The creative process

The three top photos are steps from the creative process to arrive at the final design.

Coffee Head originated from a photo of a cup of coffee, hence the name! 

He already exists in sticker form and you can sometimes spot him in big cities where he makes the urban view more beautiful. 

You can also find my digital design on Red Bubble, where it is part of my portfolio. Do not hesitate to order your favorite item with a coffee head print!

Or you can own the one and only digital design in the form of an NFT!




everything is extremely authentic

If you look closely you will see that everything i create
has its own style… my own style.
My drawings, my clay and even my digital works.
They all radiate the same atmosphere…
An atmosphere that only I can provide !!

Joost Leppens