Digital art & NFT

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Digital Art

Ever since there were programs and apps I’ve been making digital art.
If I see something beautiful or special I take a picture of it, and that is the basis of the digital work… I keep editing this photo with different programs, until it looks the way I want it.
Usually this result then serves as a starting point for a next session, which then results in something completely different. 
I keep repeating this process until I get it right, or feel like the resource is exhausted.
Then it’s time for another project.


Following digital artworks are for sale as NFT on OpenSea.

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everything is extremely authentic

If you look closely you will see that everything i create
has its own style… my own style.
My drawings, my clay and even my digital works.
They all radiate the same atmosphere…
An atmosphere that only I can provide !!

Joost Leppens